If I didn’t experience it, I wouldn’t believe it.
Clockwise from bottom right: the alarms I set because I had to get a LONG run in before a day of work. (Multiple alarms because, well, I was scared to oversleep.)

A route summary of my 20 mile run yesterday morning. You read that right- 20 miles. I am no longer scared to run 26 miles. If I can run 20, what’s an extra 6?

A beautiful piece of art I found… somewhere along my run, and…

A tired, rained on, and happy Missy.

Time is moving in super speed, and I’m enjoying the journey.

Thank you to everyone who has already donated (and texted, and messaged, and emailed)- it means the world to me!

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Day 36 (5 weeks and 1 day) : Gevurah in Yesod, Strength in Connection/Bonding

Here are some friends bloopers, because “strength” and “bonding” overlap in my mind in the “friends” area. Also on that note, see below for some all time fave friends pics of my own.

Just laugh.

Blessing: friends, laughter