Day 23 (3 weeks and 2 days) : Tiferet in Netzach, Harmony in Eternity

It’s already been a few days, but I SAW a RAINBOW on Monday! My favorite blessing! My phone case can attest to it. I’m going to ignore the chaos that is the news right now and use Omer day 23 to enjoy the harmony of rainbows (quite literally) and the beauty of nature- it always (eternally) makes me smile. Here are some pictures of nature I’ve taken over the past few months while enjoying spring.
Blessing: oseh maaseh breishit



Day 9 (one week and 2 days) : Gevurah in Gevurah, Discipline in Discipline
Today I am cutting 60+ paper butterflies for a project/event at work. It is taking all of my discipline, fine motor skills, and concentration to not fall asleep and to concentrate. I’d like to think about real butterflies and things in nature, which I enjoy appreciating, instead of paper butterflies, for today’s day of the omer.
Blessing: fine motor skills, things in nature, #osemaasehvreishit