Is today a chag? Is today a chag? What day of the week is it anyway?

I couldn’t “pre-count” the omer, so today’s post is brought to you by chag- overload. The feeling you get when you’ve had more chag/shabbat days than not and you don’t know what day of the week it is anymore.

Day 6: Yesod in Chesed, Bonding/Connection in Loving-kindness
For today, just thinking about a really great song with and even greater message.
Blessing: friends on chag to keep me sane (and not as stir crazy), good music, rent, time
no day

Day 7: Malchut in Chesed, Leadership in Loving-kindness
On the eighth day we say Yizkor. ever since I heard that about these different topics for each day of the Omer, it struck me as a little difficult to find the connection to “leadership and lovingkindness” on a day that turns out to be pretty somber (for me and others) because of Yizkor. Because of that, I used the 7th day of the Omer to remember “ways to show leadership” and “ways to show/do acts of lovingkindness” in honor of those who we say Yizkor for. Doesn’t make the day any less sad, but it’s like a fidget- gave me something to do and think about. 🙂
Blessing: memories, dugmaot

Day 8 (one week and one day) : Chesed in Gevurah, Loving-kindness in Discipline
The week of discipline falls right after we no longer have to eat matzah… so happy chametz everyone. Don’t forget to love it. See what I did there? Well if you want a real “lovingkindness in discipline” connection, I’d say that studying or practicing or learning something just for the love of it fits in here. For that, I’d say that I am #blessed to be #obsessed with Israeli dance. That fits, right? :p
Blessing: #IsraeliDanceFam, Israeli dance, #mustbemavrik, #cult #onlyalittle