Day 30 (4 weeks and 2 days) : Tiferet in Hod, Harmony in Humility/Glory

My humility today? I can’t sing 🙂 Here’s some more great a capella and tbt to when I (we) listened to this on repeat on Nativ. Enjoy!

Blessings: a capella, funny tbts


Day 28 (4 weeks) : Chesed in Hod, Lovingkindness in Humility/Glory

Today I am just going to give thanks. I am enjoying the weather, and good friendships/communication, looking forward to great experiences and people this weekend and just wanted to say thanks! Pretty appropriate to fall on the first day of the Omer week of Hod/humility.

Blessings: all of the above, lovingkindness from others, sunshine, good friends, good things ahead


Shabbat and today

Day 4: Netzach in Chesed, Endurance in Loving-kindness
Omer shoutout(!) and a riddle: What does today’s day of the Omer have in common with DC, blogging, and my increased social media presence in general? Shoutout to Erin Dreyfuss. Not only did she inspire me to start an Omer blog (last year), but last year this Omer day coincided with her Conversary (conversion anniversary). Although it didn’t fall on the same day this year (HAPPY CONVERSARY!), studying to convert takes endurance (patience, passion, devotion, and a million other things) and she brings out those traits in others.
Blessing:  Friends! New experiences 🙂

Day 5: Hod in Chesed, Humility in Loving-kindness
When I think of “humility in lovingkindness”, I think of relationships between people. It is hard to always so or do the right thing and it is harder to admit when you’ve said something wrong. I don’t particularly like making blanket statements, so instead I’m using today as a restart! (Pesach= spring cleaning and another reason for teshuva and to try to apologize for hurting people.)
Blessing: humility, strength, loved onesrainbow