Day 36 (5 weeks and 1 day) : Gevurah in Yesod, Strength in Connection/Bonding

Here are some friends bloopers, because “strength” and “bonding” overlap in my mind in the “friends” area. Also on that note, see below for some all time fave friends pics of my own.

Just laugh.

Blessing: friends, laughter


Shabbat and today

Day 11 (one week and 4 days) : Netzach in Gevurah, Endurance in Discipline
This Shabbat, the fourth and fifth graders in the Hebrew school at the synagogue where I work put on a Kashrut skit. They learned about Kashrut in class, decided together how they wanted to present about it, and wrote the skit themselves. Very appropriate for this Omer day!
Blessing: kids being cute, doing things I enjoy for work

Quoting myself from last year (word for word), because I like what I said…

Day 12 (one week and 5 days) : Hod in Gevurah, Humility in Discipline
When people “discipline” others without humility/humbleness, that is when we run into situations when one thinks he or she is better than another. Tonight marks Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day. The Holocaust was borne from arrogance, judgement, baseless hatred, and the simple (wrong) idea that one type of person could be born better than another. It is our responsibility to remember the 6 million Jews and 5 million other innocent lives that perished, to never forget and to never allow such catastrophes to happen again. I count Omer day 12 to honor their lives and to count them in Jewish memory.
Blessing: love, passing on stories of our ancestors, being taught humility


Shabbat is coming!

I stick by my statement that counting the Omer is easier than posting a daily blog about counting the Omer, and Shabbat is coming so short and sweet today.

Day 10 (one week and 3 days) : Tiferet in Gevurah, Compassion in Discipline
In honor of hachana l’shabbat, preparing for shabbat  (not the actual day of shabbat)- I think a lot about the compassion it take to create and maintain a community encircling Shabbat. I am blessed to be surrounded by a compassionate and fun Shabbat community, and, let’s be real, Shabbat is serious business. It takes discipline to shabrunch, play games for hours on end and nap like a pro. Shabbat shalom!

Blessings: community, friends, rest

This picture is totally unrelated, but SHABBAT IS COMING, and I like the serenity…



Day 9 (one week and 2 days) : Gevurah in Gevurah, Discipline in Discipline
Today I am cutting 60+ paper butterflies for a project/event at work. It is taking all of my discipline, fine motor skills, and concentration to not fall asleep and to concentrate. I’d like to think about real butterflies and things in nature, which I enjoy appreciating, instead of paper butterflies, for today’s day of the omer.
Blessing: fine motor skills, things in nature, #osemaasehvreishit