Shabbat, yesterday, and today…

Day 39 (5 weeks and 4 days) : Chesed in Malchut, Lovingkindness in Leadership


Day 40 (5 weeks and 5 days) : Gevurah in Malchut, Justice in Leadership


Day 41 (5 weeks and 6 days) : Tiferet in Malchut, Harmony in Leadership

Blessings for all three: things that make me smile


Shabbat and today…

After a long weekend of Israeli dance and festival preparation and dancing, this will be a short post:
Day 32 (4 weeks and 4 days) : Hod in Hod, Glory in Glory

Surrounded by friends, this shabbat day of the Omer was truly Glorious
Blessings: friends

Day 33 (4 weeks and 5 days) : Yesod in Hod, Connection in Glory

Israeli dance connects people all around the world and is a community like no other (that I am proud to be a part of and may be a cult?)

Any way, happy Lag B’Omer, happy day of festival, here’s another pic #israelidancefriends #israelidancefam #israelidancecult

Blessing: Israeli dance!