Day 19 (2 weeks and five days) : Hod in Tiferet, Humility in Compassion/Harmony


I’m going to use some double meanings for harmony to relate to day 19 of the Omer. It is every person’s responsibility to do a little good every day in order to put a little more good into the world. Call it good vibes, call it karma, call it kadosh/holiness- I’ve always believed that when putting goodness out into the air, it has the endurance to stay there. If everyone thought about doing a little good, or putting a little good into the world every day, the world would be a more harmonious place.

It takes humility to do acts of compassion, to give of yourself selflessly, and to be conscious of doing so, and it is a trait that I admire. In the clip below, Joey is being a true mensch, offering to help Phoebe out of compassion for helping a friend, expecting nothing in return, and for the sole reason that he believes it is the right thing to do. You go, Joey.

Side note- speaking of harmony, HAPPY EARTH DAY. Enjoy the one of many pictures (in my life) of me hugging a tree with another pretty cool chica. (above)


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