Day 13 (one week and 6 days) : Yesod in Gevurah, Bonding/Connection in Discipline

DON’T WORRY… I know this post is not on time (morning after, it still counts!), but I DID still count the omer last night so we are still on track. PHEW. I knew you were all worried.

The themes for the 13th day are a perfect day for me to not have posted a blog post on my regular schedule- you need commitment/discipline and a connection to a goal that spans along such a long time period, so here on the 13th day I’m recommitted to have a connection and be disciplined in my Omer blogging (and in my daily counting). I’m determined to count the Omer all the way through. 🙂

Side note/Added bonus: For me, the purpose of this blog is sharing something that has personal meaning in order to strengthen the bonds/connections that I have with the Omer and with all of you. By making my Omer counting public it is making me more disciplined and more connected. On that note, thank you to all of you for helping me keep up with the Omer!

Here are Joey and Ross (and then Monica and Rachel?), keeping up with something for a “really long time”.. almost as long as the Omer.


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