Day 10 (one week and 3 days) : Tiferet in Gevurah, Compassion in Discipline

Tonight the Friends Omer is brought to you by my not wanting to do anymore homework. (It’s just true, #gradschoollife sometimes needs a fun break, and why not with a little experiential Jewish fun? #gradschoolsuccess)

When I think of compassion in discipline, I think of the type of educator I want to be. Instead of being the disciplinarian, I want to be a role model who provides educational learning opportunities from positive and negative situations and take “discipline” out of the equation entirely. (You may have guessed by now that I’m going to make my own meanings out of these themes…) Role modeling and making meaningful experiences are two of the most important things to me as an educator, and they are always on my mind. It takes compassion, dedication, concentration, enthusiasm, and a lot of other qualities to constantly be in that right mindset. I have a lot of role models (I can’t thank you all by name, but I am surely thankful for you… you know who you are.)  who have inspired me to be a Jewish educator/dugma and who have provided me with the tools to venture into the Jewish education world. Both compassion and “discipline” are necessary links in the chain to provide meaningful (Jewish, experiential, educational) experiences and to insure the continuity of meaningful (Jewish, experiential, educational) experiences for future generations. That’s something I’m passionate about and I guess it’s a good reason to get back to my grad school homework, eh? Happy Omer day 10!

So, this is the kind of thing a “kid” would remember at school.

…and just because:


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