Day 9 (one week and 2 days) : Gevurah in Gevurah, Discipline in Discipline

There are a number of things I could say about the following group of people that I am using to count Omer day 9. They are a “discplined” group of people who have taught me a lot… although ironically for the Omer, they have not taught me how to count. Relevant to the Omer, they are a disciplined group of people (different meaning, I know) who are caring, dedicated, energetic, fun-loving, and full of sparkly enthusiasm. I could not imagine what this year would have been like with out Mavrik, the Young Adult performance Israeli dance troupe that I joined when I moved to DC. (Shameless plug: if you would like to support Mavrik, because we are a self-run young adult group, check us out here!)

Here’s some Friends that is just about ridiculous as the things we learn about each other during #Mavrikmadness. Enjoy.


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