Omer Catch Up

Because I couldn’t pre-count the Omer, I’m going to post for the past few days (since chag started)…

Day 6: Yesod in Chesed, Bonding/Connection in Loving-kindness11027969_10203981083270981_942179852112706214_o

Even though I got to speak with her today, in honor of her birthday, today’s Omer count is in the second Omer day I’m devoting to one of my Chevre. Shmaliza, as a Jewish educational role model who fosters Jewish bonding and as someone who I immediately connected with, and who puts loving-kindness and devotion into everything she does, here’s some Friends for this friend of mine who is like no other 🙂 Note: Shmaliza this clip is relevant because of the hug 🙂 Love you! Happy omer birthday!

Day 7: Malchut in Chesed, Leadership in Loving-kindness


On the 8th day of Pesach, we recite Yizkor. Omer day 7 I am counting (and counting my blessings) for the leadership skills and everything else I was lucky to have learned from my Dad, z”l.

Day 8 (one week and one day) : Chesed in Gevurah, Loving-kindness in Discipline

It’s funny that discipline/restraint is the Omer theme on the 8th day, which technically is the night when we all go out and find chametz as fast as we can. My inspiration/thought for this day of counting is that even though I was stir crazy all day today, I wasn’t wishing that time with family and loved ones would be over, but that I could return to my normal routine. I don’t know if that hits the “loving-kindness in discipline” theme, but here’s some Friends for from a different holiday that makes people go a little stir crazy. Shavua Tov and happy Chametz!


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