I’ll be there for you, counting the Omer, Friends-style

Each year as I try to tackle counting the Omer, I try to think of different ways to motivate myself to make it all the way to the end. As I was brainstorming with Erin last week on how I would do this, I had an idea to make a blog and relate each day to something that would make the Omer easier to remember. I haven’t missed an Omer day yet, but I never made the blog. Appropriately enough, on her conversary, Erin inspired me to follow through 🙂 For the remainder of the Omer I’ll be posting each day, relating the day of the Omer either to something from the Friends or to someone in my Chevre (maybe).

Each of the seven weeks of the Omer is said to have a theme, which I found here.

חסד or Chesed ― Loving-kindness
גבורה or Gevurah ― Justice, discipline, strength
תפארת or Tiferet ― Harmony, compassion, beauty, spirituality
נצח‎ or Netzach ― Endurance, eternity
הוד Hod ― Humility, majesty, glory
יסוד or Yesod ― Bonding, connection
מלכות or Malchut ― Sovereignty, leadership

Each of the seven days of the week goes in the order above as well. If nothing else, enjoy the clips over the next seven weeks and looking forward to Shavuot!

(Catching up)
Day 1: Chesed in Chesed, Loving-kindness in Loving-kindness.
It’s easy to get caught up in the stress and business of every day life. I’m guilty of this, I know. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by love during my Seder on the first night of the Omer, which allowed me to take a break from the stress. In hone of this day of the Omer, I’m going to try to remember that doing something good for someone else everyday is an easy way to spread the good in the world and be reminded that stress passes, business passes and that Chandler and Joey are wrong… there are never too many hugs.

Day 2: Gevurah in Chesed, Strength in Loving-Kindness
I recently heard about Ultimate Peace, is an organization that brings together disadvantaged youth from Palestinian, Arab, and Israeli Jewish communities to learn, play and unite around the sport of ultimate. The organizers of Ultimate Peace bring together disadvantaged youth from Palestinian, Arab Israeli, and Israeli Jewish communities to learn, play and unite around the sport of Ultimate. It facilitates friendship, trust, integrity, leadership, mutual respect and fun.. shameless plug but I think it is pretty great.

Day 3: Tiferet in Chesed, Harmony in Loving-kindess
No explanation needed:

Day 4: Netzach in Chesed, Endurance in Loving-kindness
First day devoted to one of my friends: Today is the anniversary of my friend Erin’s conversion to Judaism. It takes both endurance and love (and dedication, patience, compassion, and a million other things) to take on Judaism the way you have. In addition, at times when our grad program has seemed like it will be going l’netzach (until eternity, see what I did there?), you keep us all sane! Thanks for inspiring me to actually start this blog and happy Omer day 4!


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