Day 5: Hod in Chesed, Humility in Loving-kindness

Before the High Holidays is the time when most people are thinking about Teshuva, repentance or apologizing to those they have wronged. We all experience more than one “New Year” other than Rosh Hashanah. We start anew each academic year, on the secular new year, our own birthdays, we celebrate Tu B’shevat (New year of the trees), the tax year is about to renew (I know that one is the most fun)… I could go on. For as long as I can remember, Passover has been a season of renewal as well. Not only for its cleansing reasons, but it also often coincided with the last marking period of school, of family visits, and of many of my family members’ birthdays.

The friends clip below is inspired by Monica and Rachel fighting- we often fight with those we care most about. It takes humility and loving-kindness to do teshuva and it doesn’t need to be a one time a year thing. This renewal/Passover/repentance season brought to you by my being more aware of teshuva possibilities and Phoebe being a… peacemaker. (“Happy thoughts!”)


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