For my birthday

In the week or so heading up to my birthday, I’ve had a lot of time to think. Our families are close to our hearts, while they are on this earth and after they are gone. Although there are times set in Judaism for “remembering” our passed loved ones (shiva, yartzeit, etc.), sometimes a birthday or holiday can be the perfect recipe for nostalgia, so I have a request. For my birthday this year, I’m asking for donations to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, in honor of my dad. I know my dad celebrates my birthdays and regular ol’ days with me, but I’m hoping to raise some money so that this organization, that does wonderful things, can continue providing support to people who need it so they can spend some more time together with their loved ones. If you were planning on doing something for me for my birthday… this would be it. If not, this would still be it
(Just kidding, no pressure.)


Shabbat, motzei, yesterday, and today…

Well, I may have made it to the end of counting the omer successfully (I did! WOO!), but in the homestretch, I ran out of steam on the “post a daily blog” success.

That being said, somewhere along the line, I messed up the days of the omer themes and also finished the day-by-day break down for days early. I don’t know how and I am not going to go back and check.

Instead, today’s final blog post of the Omer 5777 is dedicated to four blessings I am grateful for in my every day life, depicted by pictures (mostly) from this weekend. Thanks for following, either for one post or all of them. Feel free to send suggestions for next year’s Omer blog… I have a whole year to decide whether or not I will make it happen.
Wishing all who celebrate a meaningful and enjoyable Shavuot!
Chag Sameach!

Blessings: friends (these pics only show a few friends because pics are from this weekend), spontaneous adventures, nature, good things in the world